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BrowZine for Library Journals: Home

BrowZine brings together academic journals at the library for ease of browsing and tracking the latest issues.



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What Is BrowZine?

BrowZine brings together the library's academic journals in one place to make it easier to browse the latest issues online.


How Do I Use Browzine?

On Your Computer:

  • Visit
  • Read!
  • Note: You can optionally create a BrowZine account in order to create a bookshelf of your favorite journals.

On Your Mobile Device:



Why use BrowZine?
Browse and read journals in a single place. BrowZine brings together many journals from multiple publishers into one, easy-to-use location. Browse journals by subject, easily review tables of contents, and download full articles. You can create bookshelves of your favorite journals and track new issues. You can also find journals from our Journals List.

How do I create bookshelves and receive notifications?
Create bookshelves in the mobile app or by setting up a BrowZine online account. Add journals to your personal bookshelf and be notified when new articles are published

Who is BrowZine for?
Any researcher who wants to keep up to date on the recent issues of journals published in their field.

Which journals are included in BrowZine?
Generally, only scholarly journals the library subscribes to are included in BrowZine.

What is not included in BrowZine?
Popular magazines, newspapers, some academic journals, older issues of academic journals, and academic journals the library does not subscribe to. To see all newspapers, magazines, and journals the library subscribes to, view our Journals List.

Is BrowZine good for in-depth research?
We recommend doing in-depth research in Summon or another library database. You cannot search for article titles and keywords in BrowZine.

How do I read an article in BrowZine?
Clicking an article in BrowZine will open the article on the journal's own website.