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Data & Statistics

Browse resources for finding statistics and datasets


“Finding the best data to address a research question requires that one understand the kinds of data that are likely to be available, who collects the data, and where they can be found.”
– Just Plain Data Analysis, xiii

This guide will help you find the best databases, search tools, and other resources for finding statistics and other datasets related to various topics. 

Questions to Ask Yourself

The following questions will determine where you need to look and whether the data is available:

  • What level of observation/analysis do you need? (e.g. individuals, communities, states, countries...)
  • What time period? (most recent? 5 years? historical time series?..)
  • What frequency? (annual, quarterly, monthly, ...)

Tips for Finding Statistics

  • Check the data sources used by books or articles on your topic (in the bibliography or table source).
  • Think of which organizations are likely to produce the data and check the web sites of those sources.
  • Surf the web using terms likely to appear in full-text statistical tables or reports. Try a specialized data search engine such as Zanran (web search engine for finding data and statistics in graphs, tables, & reports)
  • Consult this guide for major sources of statistics & data (both free and subscription resources). Use the tabs at the top to navigate.
  • Ask a librarian.  They are familiar with a variety of general and specialized sources.

Search Engines for Data & Statistics

Not Sure Where to Start? Macrodata Sources

Not Sure Where to Start? Microdata Sources