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Carrie Macfarlane

Director of Research & Instruction
Carrie Macfarlane's picture
Davis Family Library 209
Hello! As the Director of Research & Instruction, I am the leader of the library's programs for research instruction for students, faculty, and staff. I also lead the library's liaison program.

I serve as the subject specialist in the library for the Psychology, Classics, and the Writing Program. I am happy to provide assistance through one-on-one appointments, in-class instruction sessions, or through online research guides or other instructional materials. Contact me in person or online -- try the "Schedule Appointment" button below my photo if you'd like to see when I'm available!

My Guides

Sep 12, 2017 227
Sep 12, 2017 85
Aug 18, 2017 58
Sep 18, 2017 58
Sep 18, 2017 1226
Aug 9, 2017 448
Mar 21, 2017 146